I'm Cass, and I'm mostly harmless. My loves include video games, violining, BBC dramas, and a little manga and anime. Though I'm British born and bred, I'm ethnically Chinese, except I don't play piano - that's my sister. (Between us, we have the stereotype covered.)

I hate loving fashion. It makes me cry a little inside. Nevertheless, I'd rather you judge my exterior by my clothes rather than by my face and race, because I can choose my clothes, but I can't choose my face.

Currently I'm studying at [REDACTED] to be a tooth fairy dentist, which is all well and dandy if I weren't such a sticky pudding. I'm terrified of independence, responsibility and growing up in general.


Why are you faceless?
I don't put my face on the public internet; it's just a personal policy of mine. While I know a 'look' constitutes hair and make-up and all, my security and privacy is of paramount importance to me. Nevertheless, I hope you can still enjoy my Lookbook and blog despite my facelessness.

Where's your blog's background image from?
It's a costume inspired by the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland which I designed and painted on a canvas for an art exam with coloured ink and watercolour in 2011. I hate the head but still like everything from the neck down. You can find it on deviantART.

What are your favourite video games?
The Legend of Zelda series has been a long-time favourite of mine, and I grew up watching my sister play JRPGs like Pokémon, Golden Sun and Tales of Phantasia. I think my fave is Xenoblade though. Despite my motion-sickness, I played and loved the Portal games too, by alternating between ten minutes of saving science and five minutes of lying face down on a bed feeling ill.

Can I be featured on this blog?
Show me your style, art or photography by emailing me at cassaela@hotmail.co.uk, and if I like what I'm seeing, we'll have words. I love interviewing people to get to know a little more about you strangers in the fashion blogosphere, because at the end of the day, we're all human, and being human is interesting. Meanwhile, have a goggle at my previous victims.

Do you have any tips for a new blogger?
There are squillions of pages out there you can read to help you set up your own blog, but you can find my own basic guide here.

Do not machine wash.
Do not tumbledry.
Store in a warm, dry place.
Not currently recyclable.
If consumed, please seek mental help.

When using images from this blog, please link back to me. I try to credit and link back to other people's images whenever I can. If an image on this blog belongs to you and you want it gone, just email cassaela@hotmail.co.uk.

Last updated 4/9/14
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