Tuesday, 31 July 2012


I don't know whether it's because my style's changed, or I just have other things to wear now, but I rarely wear them these days.
Hoody: Puma, TK Maxx
Skirt: E.Land, China
Socks: Pringle, TK Maxx
Boots: Safiya, China
Coat: C.M.D

Coat: C.M.D

My first look on LB was with this red one; it's quite thin so I don't wear it in winter, and I'm not in the habit of buying obviously branded stuff, but I liked the colours and the flowery bit on thte shoulder. Nevertheless, out of my vast collection - 3 - my favourite is this long, blinding green one with sheep on it.

Hoody: Plain Lazy, TK Maxx
Dress: Vero Moda, China
Trainers: Converse, with lattice lacing

There are not quite 100 sheep on that thing. It's nice and thick, so I rather appropriately wear it over PJs when I'm kipping somewhere other than my own home. It always reminds me of that familiarly hilarious scene in Mr. Bean.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Ugly Betty

One thing that always annoyed me about this series is how the title's a blatant lie. Betty's not ugly - she just has braces, big hair, and dresses like a nutcase. But in a good way.

Betty's style is a blindingly bold and clashingly colourful array prints and patterns, with belted waists, full skirts and that signature neon socks and heels combo. Of course it's not a look everyone would wear, but it's undeniably interesting to look at, and sort of grows on you after your eyes get over the first impact.

Polka-dots, leopard spots, flower prints or just random shapes, Betty is the fearless queen of pattern mixing. I love the bag with a bespectacled girl on it to match her own face - I think she's taking matching Nazi to a whole new level - and how her butterfly belt matches her socks and shoes combo above.

Her outfits are generally crazy, but there's always something that somehow ties it together - a matching black and white purse and shoes; a lemon yellow hat, gloves and bag; red glasses with red polka-dots. There's method in her madness.

Everyone's got something outrageously horrific in the depths of their wardrobes. Perhaps we should all dig around in ours and try some of Betty's 'kooky couture'?

Friday, 27 July 2012

Shoe collection

I thought it would be fun to share my shoes with you. I know some people have three pairs of shoes and some people have three hundred. It would be nice to have lots of shoes, but as with clothes, where do you put them, and when do you wear them all? I think ten is a good number.

Moving forth, I've most artfully and innovatively categorised my shoes into two sections: boots, and not-boots. Firstly, my not-boots, of which there are five pairs.

Left to right:
Trainer: Converse, TK Maxx
Pump: Caravelle, Brantano
Trainer: Converse, some high street sports shop
Brogue: Hush Puppies, loveyourshoes.co.uk
Sandal: Safiya, China

So here we have two pairs of Converse, two black school shoes, and one pair of sandals. I'm not a huge fan of sandals, and these ones I wear mostly in China where it's 30°C. My aunt bought them for me in some department store some years ago, '08 perhaps?

I never buy things online because it's inconvenient, once I start it could be hard to stop, and it's annoying having to ask my dad for his card, and I'm generally suspicious of everything on the internet. Nevertheless, I'd been looking for heeled brogues for months (in between a time when they were everywhere, and now, when they are everywhere, again), tried these Hush Puppies on in a shop in a different colour, and bought them online. I felt like I didn't wear them enough, so nowadays I wear them to school on days when I haven't got science.

To be absolutely truthful, I have some normal non-fashiony trainers, Reebok, in a style I've been wearing since I was two years old or something, but they're camera-shy so please understand.

Next, boots. Half of my entire collection of shoes being boots may sound disproportionate, but I love boots. The British weather likes me loving boots, because I am in them for at least half the year, so in fact it is not disporportionate at all.

Left to right:
Black: Clarks
Brown: Safiya, China
Brown: Rockport, TK Maxx
Grey: F&F, Tesco
Black: Clarks

That modest, low-heeled plain boot on the left is probably the one shoe I've worn most throughout my whole life. I've worn them every year for about seven or eight years? They're size 3 while the rest of my shoes are size 5 - my true size is 4.5 - but Clarks' childrens shoes are always made a little bigger than normal, and the leather's moulded to my feet and probably stretched with me anyway. I can't believe that they used to be almost knee-length!

In the past couple of years, I've also worn the tan brown boots a lot. In search of a brown winter boot, my mum and I trawled through shop after shop in UK, and then in China where we finally found, in the height of summer, these lovely boots in the department store under my sister's flat. The top folds down to reveal the tartan pattern but most of the time I have them knee-length.

I don't wear the black and grey heeled boots very often, because I'm not used to heels. But nowadays I think that's actually a lie, because recently when I wore the grey ones I found them very comfortable. Probably what's happened is that I've gotten used to heels by wearing them to school sometimes.

You can tell the brown boots are from China because it's got a hidden heel inside. I don't really need the extra height, but Chinese people are, on average, shorter than here in UK, and it's absolutely true that in the south where I bought the boots, the place is swarming with midgets and I'm a giant!

The grey boots are, excluding my Converse, are the only shoes I own which is not leather. They are, however, of a very pleasing shape, and were quite cheap, if I remember correctly.

How many shoes do you own? Do you wear them all frequently? I'd love to know.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Pollution and decay

There's something mesmerising yet repulsive about the luminescent colours of oil spilt on the wet ground after it's rained.

Oil spilt on wet ground
BP oil spill in summer 2010
Oil slick Doc Martens

From pollution to decay, rust also creates stunning shapes, textures and colours.

On the internet are masses of images of urban decay, sad and inpiring.

Ancient wallpaper
Decaying bricks
Shatter nails, from The Make-Up Blogette
Rusty nails

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Coloured tights

One of my favourite things to wear are opaque coloured tights. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple, your legs will look awesome in it. I insist. As my lovely examples suggest, they're easiest to splash in with a plain outfit of a base colour like black or white - with a lovely black dress and shoes, it's difficult to go wrong with funky-coloured legs. But if you're really pro, you can still look fancifully fabulous in all-out brights.

It was in TK Maxx where I purchased my purple and red ones, and since then, they've become faithful fashion friends and definite wardrobe staples. More recently I got some orange ones from Dorothy Perkins. Thanks to Limeyland's consistently grim climate, I am wearing them all the time. I remember the first few times wearing them, I felt a little self-conscious of the vivid hue of my hosiery, but soon became completely accustomed to it.

Click for LB

Ultimately, I aspire to have a beautifully organised sock index like Sherlock's, though mine will contain tights and socks of all colours, textures, patterns and lengths. For some reason I don't think Sherlock will own tights.

Friday, 20 July 2012


Back garden, last summer. It was a sunny day so we got out the picnic blanket and just lay in the sun doing nothing. There were lots of ladybirds in the yellow rosebush.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Shopping with Ginge

We tried on everything with no intention of buying anything. When I don't have anything in my head I'm looking for on a shopping trip, I don't tend to make any purchases, and my day with Ginge was no exception. We had tired feet by the end of it but we had an awesome day.

Dress: Yumi, Oasis
This brand is getting along rather well, isn't it? The dress I tried in Oasis' rather lovely changing rooms was yellow, a more interesting colour than the navy above, and it was absolutely adorable, and incredibly expensive.

Skirt: Oasis
I found that I really like some of the clothes Oasis sells. Everything costs a bomb in there, but I genuinely find the designs beautiful and the quality excellent. The skirt above is part of their London Love Letters line, and the street pattern is just amazing. The skirt is a stiff cotton in cream, and not obscenely short either.

Blouse: Forever 21
I would have considered settling with this blouse in my knowingly-futile hunt for a Victorian-style blouse, if the sleeves were full-length. However, the compromise of an awkward sleeve length and a transparent material is not one I'm willing to make.

Dress: Red Herring, Debenhams
I've seen a shop assistant in Debenhams wearing this dress, and it is amazing. You can tell that it's a high-quality garment, and the cut is immensely flattering.

Heels: Feud, TK Maxx
These heels we tried on for fun, but I kind of love them and almost want them even though I'd never wear them! It's a lovely suede purple colour with a funky heel, and I love the velvety laces and ruffly tongue. The heel is extremely high, and the sole is not flat either, so they are conspiring to tip you forward into a magnificent faceplant with every precarious step. It's almost fun.

Boots: Doc Martens, Schuh
It's almost become a habit for me to go to all the shoe shops and try on whatever Docs which happen to be on display, in size four or five. My favourite were the ones above, as the shape was nice and I love the embroidered roses. Maybe I'll look into those fourteen-eye Vonda Docs...

Trainers: Converse, Cloggs
There were a bunch of superhero and Gorillaz converse on sale, and these were one of my favourites. But I bet I or Ginge could doodle ourselves some pretty neat designs too, if we tried.

Monday, 16 July 2012

"Dream of the ones who came before"

Gosh, I am so sleepy I can hardly keep my eyes open but I wanted to publish this post anyways, because I got round to shooting the clothes I wore over the Jubilee weekend. Unsurprisingly, the bows of the Primark socks started to fall off so I pulled them off completely and can't really be bothered to sew them back on again.
Coat: Antoni & Alison, TK Maxx
One Ring: Mount Doom, Mordor
Dress: Parisian, New Look
Skirt: Next
Tights: New Look
Socks: Primark
Boots: Rockport, TK Maxx

Also, I'm really enjoying the way the lace skirt looks under the dress. The combination has, however, revealed that a part to the back of the dress is longer than the rest, but I can't really complain as it was an inexpensive impulse buy. Well, as impulsive as I get, anyway.

I've taken to wearing my One Ring, from Lord of the Rings, on some brown cord I found in my drawer. It came with a chain, a lot duller in colour than Frodo's, but because the ring's gold-plated and gold is a very soft metal, I think the gold will rub off slower on this cord.

Today I went shopping with Ginge so I'm hoping to make a post about the cool stuff we saw (but didn't buy) and we had a lovely day and now I'm shattered. Good night.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

New Girl

Meet the New Girl, Jess Day, protagonist of the so-named American sitcom played by Zooey Deschanel. I saw the adverts for its first series and chanced upon an episode, and it wasn't bad - Jess is cute. The second series I hear started airing in UK this week. I am reliably informed by Ginge, who likes to tumbl, that New Girl is all over that place. Perhaps it's a cult thing? That seems to be the explanation to a lot of things these days.

Strike a pose.
So, Jess' style is a lot of bold block colours and contrasting flat pumps for a quirky and, once considering her poses, mildly deranged look to match her manic free spirit. She often wears primary reds and blues, in that classic hourglass silhouette of a cinched waist and full skirt, and usually quite a short one!

These high-waisted skirts in bright polka-dots are a favourite of hers. I love the pattern on the middle skirt above, which combies some stripes into the mix too.

I really love this pale gold skirt (or is it a dress?) she's wearing above here - it's so poofy and at the length where you can tumble around and do anything, and isn't the shiny stripiness just beautiful? Jess wears it perfectly with warm oranges and pinks, with some contrasting blue flats, of course.

Jess seems to be able to rock more muted greens and purples too, but I absolutely want that transparent spotty brolley. When its raining you can have it right over your face and you still won't walk into lamp posts (any more than usual)!

Mint frills and sequins? Do want.
Exciting new American import, or just another manic pixie dream girl? I watched an episode, I liked it, but it's Jess' fun, fresh fashion I know I love.
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